Shalom/Peace 1f596 - Hy there, it’s me Andre Tischer. I came originally from my mum’s whomb so than I was born 1976 (5736 on the hebrew calendar) into a country called Germany where I grew up. After the birth canal I travelled later on in my life into over 20 countries (Jamaica, Egypt, Mexico, United States (NYC), England etc.) and later I lived many years in Jerusalem, Israel. The ancient town of Jericho has been on my mind a lot and I ministered there often in recent years.

Currently I am located with my family in Savonlinna, Finland. I am trained in social work (diploma from University) & as a practical nurse and at the moment I am taking care of elderly in a full-time job.

I am a believer in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and torah-instructions observant. My calling is to worship YAH as a modern day psalmist. My songs are mostly scriptural inspired. I sing in english, hebrew, finnish & german. I performed in musicals (for ex. “The Covenant”) as an actor, I am a street-praise art musician as well as a studio artist. I improvise & experience with different kinds of instruments (guitar & percussions etc.) sounds and music styles (such as Accoustic-rock & pop, electro-house/hip-hop/dubstep/drum n’ bass/trance/reggae/dub a.s.o.).

Besides my work & music projects I am building up a home congregation (shabbat / feasts \ new moon meetings) & a mens fellowship. We are doing scriptural discipling and also teach the kingdom message.    

I hope you get inspired by my music & thoughts on your spiritual journey.

Yah bless You. Andre 1f463 -                          

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